Friday, July 21, 2017

Dunkirk and Friday Fun on NSFW Comics!

Before this Dunkirk...
...there was this "Dunkirk"!
...a never-reprinted book-length telling of the heroic saga by military comics legend Sam Glanzman!
Available only on our "brother" RetroBlog War: Past, Present & Future!

It's at our newest RetroBlog, Not Safe for Work Comics, because the Wally Wood/Al Williamson tale of a comics fanboy's wet-dream contains nudity!
Check it out HERE...but only if you're an adult (we're going to ask)!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Reading Room OUT OF THIS WORLD "Manana!"

Procrastination can be a killer...literally!
Sometimes, though, a subtle warning proves to be enough...
Written by Joe Gill and rendered by Steve Ditko, this Twilight Zone-esque story from Charlton's Out of This World #9 (1957) is one of Ditko's most-reprinted non-series tales!
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(which includes this two-page tale)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Reading Room: MYSTICAL TALES "Try-Out!"

Here's a never-reprinted tale from 1957...
...that could never be told today!
See if you can figure out why...
Consider...what current technology could be used in the place of the projector?
If the protaganist used anything like a smart phone, tablet, or other hand-held device, the audience would just claim another, hidden, device was supplying the images!
But when this story appeared in Atlas' Mystical Tales #8 (1957), tech was a lot simpler!
If artist Sid Check's work (especially the inking) looks similar to Wally Wood's, there's a good reason for it...Check worked in the same studio as Wood, Joe Orlando, and Harry Harrison, often assisting them the way they assisted him when deadlines loomed!
BTW, the writer is unknown!
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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Reading Room IT RHYMES WITH LUST "Chapter 3: Deadly Female"

Rust Masson runs both the govenment and underworld of Copper City.
Her ex-lover Hal Weber unwillingly runs The Express, the newspaper she secretly owns to shape public opinion!
Now, watch her at work...
More Good and Bad Developments, Tomorrow, at...
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Trump Reading Room DEATH RATTLE "Foreshadow"

Like Trump's "deplorables", the primitives below fail to actually listen... this never-reprinted tale from Kitchen Sink's Death Rattle V1N2 (1973)!
Writer-artist John Pound is still going strong almost half-a-century later!
Besides underground comics, he also worked on Marvel's Howard the Duck, and was the primary artist on the original run of Garbage Pail Kids from Topps Cards!
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(featuring the work of John an afterward!)
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